Why would someone need an air mattress?

Why would someone need an air mattress?

It’s fun to be ready for anything.  For those evenings when someone is sleeping over your house, a quality air mattress is the best way to offer sweet dreams.  For these occasional guests, shop for the newest air mattress designs.  These offer the comfort and support of a real bed.  Some models even look like a bed, rising to almost 22” off the floor.  There are models that have separate chambers that work as box springs, upper chambers and even a headboard.

Technology and design have radically changed the characteristics of the air mattresses of old.

The air mattress you can purchase today have vertical and horizontal chambers that offer lumbar and good overall support.  Many have over 40 internal air coils to evenly distribute the weight.  Some models allow the fine tuning of the internal pressure so the firmness can be customized to your needs.

Many air mattresses have internal air pumps.  Simply plug the air pump into the wall and within 5 minutes the bed is inflated.  All you need to do is turn out the linen and your guests are ready for a good night’s sleep.

Older air mattresses had the issue of going flat during the night.  Today’s higher end units have a secondary inflation pump that monitors the pressure.  It then silently maintains the bed’s firmness during the night.

Another perceived drawback to sleeping on an air mattress concerns their “feel.”  Many older reviews mention a cold feel.  Newer models are thicker, with many separate chambers and internal supports.  A common solution is to place the air mattress on a blanket or a mattress pad before inflation.  This gives the entire bed a warmer feel, without making you sweat!

Prices for a new air mattress range from $40 to just over $200.  The reviews of these models also range from very low to wonderfully high.  You get what you pay for.  73% of air mattress owners are satisfied with their choice.  The people who purchased the high end models were satisfied 94% of the time.

Buying a sofa bed is an expensive commitment.  No matter how much is spent, there is always a misplaced bar that your guests will feel on the small of their backs.  If you need a bed for the few times people stay over, it makes sense to get a comfortable sofa and a very comfortable inflatable bed.

The newest air mattresses are extremely durable, able to handle over 600 lbs.  Queen size mattresses allow two adults to sleep in comfort.

Older models had a stability issue, where the movement of one sleeper would disturb the other.  The vertical air cells designed into modern air mattresses eliminates that complaint. Back pain has also been significantly reduced with the newer models.

Most air mattresses have a flocked upper chamber, whose surface adheres to sheets and linens.  Older mattresses had a slick surface and would allow the beddings to slip and slide around.

Most of the air mattresses are very low to the ground.  This made getting up an uncomfortable and somewhat dangerous chore.  The entire mattress could slip and slide.

For those who are elderly or with a limited mobility, there are special models of air mattresses that allow easy access.  These also have a “sure grip” bottom that further ensures safety.

For the occasional guest the air mattress itself will provide a good night’s sleep.  If your guest is staying on a bit longer, a few modifications can provide a more comfortable stay.  Larger mattresses can be enhanced with rigid frames.  Many websites that sell air mattresses offer these as options.  This offers more stability and make it easier to get out of.

Foam toppers are an instant improvement.  The few extra inches of comfort on top of a firm foundation make a huge difference by adding cushioning and yet maintaining firm support.

Using a new modern air mattress makes sense for your camping adventures.  Besides being easy to carry and store, cots or sleeping mats are no substitute for the comfort of a perfectly filled queen size mattress.  Sleeping bags might keep you snug and warm but sleeping with your favorite pillows, sheets and comforter will make you feel more at home, away from home.

There are several manufacturers who produce mattresses with 12V inflation pumps.  When you are roughing it without electricity, you don’t have to rough it when you go to sleep. Many outdoor air mattresses come with a stuff sack for easy transport.

Be ready for your next overnight guests by having a modern air mattress.  Within minutes you can turn your office or den into the perfect lodging for your visitors.

Having preparation in the closet means having happy guests for breakfast.


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