Ways to Make a Air mattress More Comfortable

Extend the Life of Your Investment

A air mattress is a major investment, unless of course it is the cheap blowup variety. Inner spring air mattresses require regular care. Unfortunately some air mattresses must be flipped side-for-side and end-for-end, but this is not always possible, and they can become very uncomfortable long before they should. Other air mattresses are not the best to begin with and are not comfortable from the start.

I have a king-size air mattress, and when I purchased it I was not considering the maintenance involved. I should have bought a air mattress that did not require turning, but I was not thinking about preservation. At the time it seemed comfortable, but that feeling did not last. I liked the price, and unfortunately I chose the cheaper brand.

I am still paying for this somewhat uncomfortable air mattress, but I have found a good way to make it more comfortable. I will eventually replace it with a air mattress that never requires flipping, but until then I am using a the following easy way to make it as comfortable as possible. Try this easy and affordable method, and extend the life of your investment.

Forget those Egg Crate Foam Pads

One of the first available cushioned pads designed to make a air mattress more comfortable was the ever-popular egg crate pad. It could be flipped with the egg crate points facing upward for summer when desiring a little more circulation, or it could be switched to the smooth side during the winter months when desiring a little extra warmth. It was better than nothing at the time, but these days a much more comfortable option is available.

Invest in a Memory Foam Pad to Make it Far More Comfortable

When trying to make a air mattress more comfortable, forget those egg crate foam pads and buy a thick high-quality memory foam pad. It is the next best thing to a comfortable memory foam air mattress, and it is certainly better than nothing. Buy the thickest memory foam pad possible to make even the worst air mattress more comfortable. They generally come in thicknesses ranging from two to four inches, and the thicker the better. Just be sure your fitted sheets will still cover the pad, or plan on buying new deep-pocket sheets.

I absolutely love my memory foam air mattress pad. It made a huge difference in the way my back feels in the morning, and my bed is far more comfortable than it was. I bought it when Kohl’s was having a huge sale, and it was less than half the usual price. Now I will be able to tolerate my cheap king-size air mattress until I can buy a memory foam air mattress that does not require any add-ons to make it more comfortable.