Why You Should Use Sheets On Your Air Mattress

Why You Should Use Sheets On Your Air Mattress

There are countless good reasons to get an air mattress. Ok, so you have your air mattress, now what?  Well, getting an air pump is a fantastic way for you to fully enjoy your air mattress in a range of settings.  In addition, you should consider getting fitted sheets for your air mattress?  Why you may ask?  Good question!  Let’s take a moment to review why sheets on your air mattress is the best way to protect your investment regardless of where you go.

Comfort, Air Mattresses, And Sweating

It is not uncommon for people to sweat in unusual environments when they sleep.  Simply put, our bodies get accustomed to a certain kind of environment, and when we change it up, like spending time outdoors or with relatives, our bodies will sometimes sweat.  Air mattresses can exacerbate this problem, and knowing why it occurs is crucial if you want to understand why you should get sheets.  While we have gone into a bit more detail, you should be aware that a sheet is perfect for absorbing natural sweat from the skin.  It stops there from being a build up of sweat that accumulates into droplets on your skin.  When using an air mattress without sheets, there is nothing to absorb that sweat.  If the vinyl could absorb it, then it would be useless for keeping the air from the air mattress inside!

Camping And Air Mattress Safety

Many people bring their air mattress camping, and for good reason.  The air mattress helps to create an incredibly comfortable place to sleep.  However, precautions have to be taken in order to keep your air mattress safe when in the wild.  We managed to cover the topic pretty well and goes into detail about why sheeting can help.  In addition, sheeting is the best way to keep your air mattress clean.  Sharp things in your pocket stand less of a chance of puncturing or damaging the air mattress if there is a sheet in the way.  Along with covering the top of the air mattress, consider covering the bottom of it as well.  This will ensure that ‘stabby’ rocks that poke through will not harm you or your air mattress while you sleep.  If nothing else, having sheets on your air mattress while camping is a luxury that few give up willingly after experiencing.

Helps Combat Deflating Issues

Ok, having sheets on your air mattress will not keep in or prevent an existing leak.  It will however help you to protect the material from future leaks.  As covered above and in our other featured article, there are countless ways for your air mattress to become punctured.  Having a sheet can stop things like your keys, a rock, or any other number of pokey things from doing damage to the material.

Do you want to know what sheets really help with?  One word, pets.  Pets, especially cats, have an annoying habit of clawing things.  Cats destroy air mattresses.  Having a sheet on the air mattress creates a different surface for the cat to claw.  Having a blanket over that makes it practically impossible for the cat to do harm to it.  In addition to issues with cats, dogs can also pose a problem as they can run and wrestle over the air mattress.  Having a sheet can again stop the claws of the animal from puncturing the surface.  An inexpensive purchase can save you a lot of money down the road.


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