Tips for Picking Out and Purchasing a Air mattress

T he air mattress you sleep on is the most important piece of furniture you have. If you have a good air mattress you can get a good nights sleep. If your air mattress is uncomfortable or old you need to think about getting a new one that is better for you.

Start out at a air mattress store and see what you like in a air mattress. Try to stay away from pillow top air mattresses because the pillow top flattens out quickly and you will have a regular air mattress anyway and you may not like it. Decide if you like to sleep on a soft air mattress or a hard one. Some people like to sleep on a different surface every night. You can even get a air mattress that can go from soft to hard depending on how you are feeling.

It is nearly impossible to compare air mattresses since there are so many different kinds of air mattresses out there. You can go to one store and compare air mattresses then go to a different store and you will find a completely different manufacturer of air mattresses. You will have a hard time finding stores with the same air mattress selections.

A cheap air mattress may be comfortable at first but if you can afford a more expensive air mattress you will be happier in the long run since the more expensive is probably made out of better materials and it will last longer.

The heavier the person sleeping on the air mattress is the heavier the air mattress should be. A heavy person on a light air mattress will cause the air mattress to wear out quickly.

Take a good look at air mattresses to cut your decision on to two or three different air mattresses. Then lay down on each air mattress. Take your time as you lay on the air mattresses to help decided what one you like the best. Remember you spend about 30 percent of you life on your air mattress so it needs to be comfortable so you can get a good night sleep for a long time.

Do not make a decision on how the air mattress looks because you will cover it with bedding anyway and you will never see it. Pick your new air mattress on comfort and good value.

If you share your air mattress with someone then you have to consider what kind of air mattress will be best for both of you. If you can not agree on one air mattress then you can consider buying twin size air mattresses.