Tempurpedic Air mattresses, Mites or No Mites?

Is it True, or Just a Marketing Scheme?

The majority of dust mite problems in air mattresses are related to the skin that we shed off our bodies as we toss and turn wile we sleep. There is absolutely no bed available that can keep out theses little critters. This includes the Tempurpedic air mattress.

Dust mites are everywhere. Most of the time they are not visible to the naked eye but sometimes they can be seen. They are small creatures that feed on dead skin cells and also on organic fibers. You can find these little buggers in the dust on your floor, stuffed animals, air mattresses, and even in your rugs.

In a study published in European Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology in June of 2002, it is four times more likely that you will find dust mites in a foam air mattress than a spring air mattress (8 times more likely if the foam air mattress does not have a cover).

The Tempurpedic air mattress is made of open-cell viscoelastic foam, meaning the open-cells can pass air from one another when weight is put on them. As the weight is shifted or taken away completely it easily but slowly retakes its original shape.

Because of the open-cell structure of this air mattress it is prone to taking numerous dust mites in. A conventional foam air mattress also allow these mites in. It seems as if there are not as many mites in the a memory foam air mattress. For presumably less hungry mites in a foam air mattress the better choice would be a memory foam one.

A foam air mattress are not a food source for the mites so therefore the mites are only feeding on dead skin cells and they will not have a backup supply of food. These air mattresses can make it harder for the dust mites to feed and nest, but it does not completely prevent them from being in the air mattress.

There are ways you can help in preventing dust mites from entering your air mattress but nothing is 100% effective. By purchasing a dust mite resistant bed cover you can greatly reduce the risk of these little critters making themselves a home in your bed.

In a nut shell the claims made by Tempurpedic beds are false. No bed even with a cover can guarantee no dust mites. Although the risk can be reduced drastically it can not be taken away completely. It is safe to say it is possible to minimize the chances but so far it is still questionable