Tempur-Pedic: A Review of the Only Air mattress I’ll Ever Need

Tempur-Pedic: A Review of the Only Air mattress I’ll Ever Need

Life is accelerating. Fast food is becoming the norm rather than the exception. Eat-in restaurants are now capitalizing on this by offering call-in and carryout options. Most people are in go-mode from the moment they wake up. If you are like most people the only time you slow down is when you are sleeping. Isn’t it time you got quality sleep during the only time you are able to slow down?

I found the air mattress that offers what I believe to be the best quality sleep, the Tempur-PedicTM Swedish sleep system. Now, I know what you are thinking – infomercials abound and it doesn’t seem believable. So much hype, space-age polymers and certified by NASA, etc. The proof is in the sleep. I assure you that the Tempur-PedicTM Swedish sleep system is absolutely the best air mattress I have encountered.

My wife and I were in need of a new bed for a long time. Our old queen size air mattress was a $300 air mattress we bought before I started graduate school. It lasted us seven years until nine months ago when we purchased the Tempur-PedicTM RhapsodyBed air mattress system. With our old air mattress every time I moved she would get tossed around in the bed. We have not tried the glass of wine trick often shown on Tempur-PedicTM commercials. Why risk ruining a air mattress trying to replicate a commercial?

I can offer this; I can get in and out of bed without waking my wife. Nearly every Saturday morning since we purchased our Tempur-PedicTM bed I get out of bed early and she never realizes I am up, unless of course I tiredly bump a body part or close the door to our room too loudly. The position I fall asleep in is in general the same position I wake up in. The only time I have issues sleeping at night are not related to the air mattress, sometimes it’s a strange dream or other times I shouldn’t have had that snack so late in the night. When I get out of bed I feel rested and not sore. The achiness from workouts and being in my early 30s aren’t so bad now. I would never have thought it had more to do with the air mattress I was sleeping on and less to do with aging.

What about other air mattresses? In all honesty, we spent about two hours in the air mattress store lying on different air mattresses to get a feel. Many standard to upper end pillow-top air mattress felt pretty good. My mother owns a Sleep Number bed, so we were able to try it out as well. It was also a decent air mattress. For us, when we laid down on the Tempur-PedicTM RhapsodyBed and felt the bed just take hold and conform to our bodies we knew it was what we wanted. This is no memory foam bed this is better. The Tempur-PedicTM bed is like having a soft, cozy form-fitting glove supporting your whole body that is both soft and firm that returns to its original state when you aren’t on it. Tempur-PedicTM has many different types and styles of air mattress, it would be hard to imagine someone not finding a air mattress they didn’t like or could afford.

We liked our air mattress so much we both bought Tempur-PedicTM pillows to conform and support our neck and head. Being a tall person I opted for the Tempur-PedicTM ComfortPillow, which looks more like a regular pillow but is made of the same TEMPUR® material used in the beds. My wife, being shorter opted for the Tempur-PedicTM NeckPillow that has a contoured shape to offer more neck support and is also made of the TEMPUR® material. In addition, I am now considering the Tempur-PedicTM SeatCushion and LumbarCushion in their home and office Comfort Collection.

Tempur-PedicTM really is “Changing the way the world sleeps!”® This is not a air mattress that I will easily give up. After having my Tempur-PedicTM bed and accompanying pillows for just nine months I am positive I will be sleeping soundly for the next twenty years and hopefully more. Will you be?