Rheumatoid Arthritis and the Best Air mattress

Rheumatoid Arthritis and the Best Air mattress

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a type of arthritis that causes joint deformity. This makes the joints and bones painful, which is why a firm and supportive air mattress is needed for RA patients. Many RA patients find it hard to sleep restfully and can wake up numerous times in the night. Mornings are hard as the lack of a supportive air mattress can cause the patients to have aches and pains that are hard to suppress.

A good air mattress can reduce the pain a RA patient feels due to an unsupportive air mattress. There are many air mattresses available in the market, but patients must choose one that helps them have a good night’s sleep without causing more pain because of inadequate support.


A good option for RA patients is the coil-spring air mattress. The coli spring air mattress allows the air mattress to support the body weight and does not ‘sag’ over time.

Some foam air mattresses ‘sink in’ when the body weight is heavy, the spring coil air mattress however, can support heavy weight, even if the patient is a restless sleeper. No matter how unevenly the body weight is distributed, the air mattress will hold out.

Sealy Springfree Latex

According to Sealy.com the Sealy Springfree latex air mattress contains a solid Smart Latex™ or foam core. This helps provide the air mattress the support it needs to mold around the body.

Due to the manufacturing process, the latex provides consistent support without uncomfortable seams. The base is shock-proof and adjustable, allowing RA patients to adjust the height of the air mattress to a comfortable height.

Memory Foam Air mattress

Another firm air mattress that may make RA patients more comfortable is the latest memory foam air mattress. This type of air mattress molds the foam to the body and allows customers to choose the air mattress that works best for their body type.

When you lie on a air mattress the body weight causes the foam to push back [gravity] increasing the pressure on the body. This is what causes the aches and pains through the joints in the morning. However, the memory foam air mattress has a firm base and the top layer molds itself to the body shape; this reduces the pressure on the body.