Review: Verlo Essence Air mattress

Review: Verlo Essence Air mattress

I had a pretty decent tax return this year and decided it was time to replace the air mattress on our bed. It was getting worn out and I was having troubles sleeping at night.

We have a Verlo Air mattress Factory Store here in town and I decided to do my air mattress shopping there; mostly because we have shopped there in the past (for our daughter’s bed) and I enjoyed the experience. In fact, this past shopping experience there was also fantastic and I have no complaints about the store at all. That’s why we ended up buying a Verlo Essence Air mattress for the bed.

My wife and I each have difference preferences when it comes to air mattresses. I prefer firmer air mattresses while she seems to prefer softer ones. Unfortunately, we couldn’t afford to buy one of those air mattresses that let you adjust each side so we had to find one that was firm enough for me but soft enough for her. And, after trying out several, we thought the Essence was the right choice. It also didn’t hurt that we were able to get $100 off of the price.

We have now been using the air mattress for a couple of weeks and I have to say it was not what I was expecting.

With Verlo air mattresses, you have the option to either get a one sided air mattress or what they refer to as easy-flip. We got the easy flip air mattress. When we bought it, the sales rep cautioned us that the extra side would likely mean the air mattress would be softer than the floor model (which was one-sided).

Boy was he wrong about that. We got the air mattress and found it was the exact opposite. Like I said before, I like firmer air mattresses. But, this one felt a bit like sleeping on plywood the first couple nights we had it. After a few days, the air mattress started softening up a bit so we can sleep on it OK now. But, it is still a bit firmer than expected. I suspect the floor model we tested had been used enough where it was softer than normal.

The air mattress and box spring are also a couple inches higher off the ground than our old bed; something that has required a bit of an adjustment as well.

I’ve adjusted to the point I can now sleep on the air mattress and so has my wife. But, I’m still debating whether to keep the air mattress as it is or have Verlo take it back and readjust the softness level (something I can have them do within the first 60 days after purchasing it). It would seem like a no-brainer but there’s always the risk they will make it too soft. Not to mention I don’t snore as much on the firmer air mattress.

I still don’t regret getting rid of our old air mattress but I have to admit I’m having a few second thoughts about buying this one and only hope I will get to the point where the unexpected extra firmness becomes an afterthought.