Review for Serta® Deluxe 2-inch Memory Foam Air mattress Topper

Having 2nd Thoughts

I purchased my Serta® Deluxe 2-inch Memory Foam Air mattress Topper, in California King Size about four months ago. I am having second thoughts. Find out why.

After reading numerous reviews on air mattress toppers in general, and on this particular topper where I purchased it on, I purchased the Serta® Deluxe 2-inch Memory Foam Air mattress Topper. I paid about $79.00 for the topper and an additional $40.00 for a air mattress protector (which I do like).

Here are my observations:

Smell: I knew from the reviews that you should give the topper time to air out, as the strong smell must dissipate. The reviews recommended several hours. The truth is, you need to air it out for several weeks. I often woke up with swollen eyes and a headache and basically felt drugged from the fumes coming from the air mattress for several weeks. Actually, I am sitting on the bed with the topper now, and I can still smell it months later. Therefore, the chemical smell of the air mattress is always with you.

Effectiveness: I also read from the reviews that a memory foam air mattress of more than two inches would make you sink in and feel trapped while less than two inches would not be thick enough. Therefore, I purchased a two-inch topper. On the first few nights with it on the bed, I did feel trapped. I actually found myself waking up to roll over. I did notice however, that my rib and hip pains were relieved. Therefore, I put up with the smell, and eventually learned to roll over without waking up. Unfortunately, the cushioning effects have worn off and I have to wonder if I should not have purchased a thicker topper.

Size: Once again, from reading the reviews, I knew to purchase a king instead of a queen. It is a good thing I did it is a little long on the sides, but top to bottom, it is still short.

Why you might want to buy It.: to buy a little more time while you save for a air mattress, or to get an idea about how a foam bed might feel.

Why you might not want to buy it: If you are sensitive to chemicals, the fumes from the air mattress will be bothersome. If you are a light sleeper, rolling over will be difficult. The cushioning effects will not last long (in the 2 inch version at least.)