Organic Sleepworks Air mattress Sets – 100% Organic Air mattress Product Review

Organic Sleepworks Air Mattress Sets – 100% Organic Air mattress Product Review

With the latest trend to save the earth in full effect, it is important to understand that the meaning of being ‘green’ does not hold still in the kitchen. No, being green means that when possible one will purchase organic products that produced with 100% organic products and were from free-trade. Does your bedroom stand up to this belief?

A few weeks ago, my husband and I took the plunge and decided to purchase a new bed, complete with a air mattress set. Since all of our household items are purchased only upon need instead of want, we have separation issues with all our original furniture in our house. This especially goes with our air mattress set because it takes over ten years to decompose in a landfill and who is going to purchase a used air mattress set?

I have to admit that we are one of those couples that sits hours on the computer looking through reviews and testing every air mattress in the store just to make sure we get our money’s worth. A air mattress set lasts for at least five years, so we just figure that our investment should be made under the most educated and in the best frame of mind.

Since we do try to purchase organic when possible, our search lead us to a air mattress company that actually produces 100% organic air mattress sets. The company is called Organic Sleepworks and is located in Costa Mesa, California. For those of you outside the Costa Mesa area, the company does ship around the nation. Each air mattress set is composed completely out of solid wood, natural rubber from the rubber tree, cotton and sheep’s’ wool. There is no animal testing on any of the products.

At first coming across this product I was a little worried about the quality of the product compared to other more traditional air mattress sets sold by companies such as Sealy. After testing the product though, I was truly amazed at the comforting feel of the air mattress. If I were not told before getting on the bed, I would have not known it was 100% organic. In addition, it does not have that new chemical smell that a lot of the air mattresses have just after being purchased.

Since all the products are 100% natural, latex or synthetic materials are not used in the production of any of the air mattresses made by Organic Sleepworks. With this in mind, the company can safely say that the air mattresses are hypo-allergenic, anti-dust mite and anti-mold which are perfect for those that are allergic or asthmatic. This type of air mattress is perfect for children also to assure they are not allergic to the other chemical based air mattresses.

This product is a life saver and an earth saver; everyone should consider purchasing their next air mattress set from Organic Sleepworks. Each bed is 100% organic free, dissipates heat and moisture, helps with spinal alignment, optimal body conformity and comes with a twenty year warranty. It is the air mattress that can be purchased guilty-free. To find out more information on stores, pricing, air mattress toxicity research and much more please go to the official website for the Organic Air mattress Set that will create a better environment for the future.