Organic Air mattresses – the Truth Behind the Hype

Organic Air mattresses Are Getting Popular for All the Right Reasons

Organic Air mattresses, the Healthy Choice
We spend 25% of our lives sleeping in our beds. If you’re curious about switching to a healthy organic air mattress for your home I hope this article helps.

An organic air mattress free from any chemicals, dyes or synthetic materials just makes sense. All new items outgas, which means them emit fumes from the chemicals they’re made of. This goes for new air mattresses as well. In order to minimize our expose to chemical people are turning to organic air mattresses as part of the solution. It paves a way for a healthier body and life.

What are the advantages of an Organic Air mattress?
Our body’s largest organ, our skin, absorbs chemicals like skin cream. Conventional innerspring air mattresses we’ve all slept on are made with synthetic foam made from harsh chemicals. These air mattresses are made to look pretty and feel comfortable. That’s their priority, health is not on their list.

Many chemicals found in air mattresses are harmful for our respiratory systems and brain. They emit harmful VOC’s ( volatile organic compounds ). Conventional air mattresses are found to be a direct threat to our health because most are made using petro chemicals and their derivatives which are hazardous to human health.

An Organic air mattress keeps your body safe from trying to “digest” these chemicals and allows your body to relax and recuperate at night.

Organic Air mattresses for Babies
Developing babies and young children are especially vulnerable to the harsh chemicals found in everyday air mattresses. You’d be surprised to find out that companies use extra glue, plastify the air mattress and often promote this as a benefit somehow.

Organic baby air mattresses give your baby a safe, allergy free air mattress to rest in.

Organic Air mattress for Asthma Sufferers
Children experiencing asthma oftentimes notice almost immediate relief once they start sleeping on an organic air mattress.

Oftentimes asthma is connected to dust mite feces. Dust mites are found all around us and as their feces accumulate they irritate our lungs. Organic air mattresses do very well at minimizing the amount of dust mites which reduces and sometimes eliminates asthma symptoms.

Keep in mind that any animal fibers such as wool will need maintenance given they’re not chemical treated in organic air mattresses.

Suffering from Chemical Sensitivities??
Unfortunately, people with MCS still need to shop with caution as organic air mattresses are not always perfect. When you’re vulnerable to chemicals and synthetic materials, even natural foams and animal hairs such as wool can cause reactions.

Ask the vendor for a sample of each air mattress component. Ask how natural and organic they are. This goes for wool, cotton and latex foams.

Unfortunately even organic air mattresses should be purchased with caution.

Organic Air mattresses are Eco-Friendly!
Organic air mattresses tend to be biodegradable. They can easily decompose which reduces any harm on the environment caused by synthetic foams which last hundreds of years and pollute as they break down. For that reason organic air mattresses are considered environmentally friendly and are highly recommended to use by pollution control organizations.

Most companies that grow organic cotton and raise organic sheep tend to be respectful to the environment. Following organic standards reduces ground and water pollution.

What are Organic Air mattress made with?
An organic air mattress is typically made with natural latex rubber, organic wool and organic cotton. At times they may even be made with springs. People are beginning to avoid spring due to the electromagnetic fields

Be careful while buying an organic air mattress. Always check for certifications and look into these certifications. Some have very weak standards.

Organic air mattresses are becoming more popular due to their wide range of heath related and environmental benefits not the mention they’re pretty darn comfortable.