Do You Need An Air Pump For Your Air Mattress? (Yes!)

Do You Need An Air Pump For Your Air Mattress? (Yes!)

As the underlying technology makes air mattresses more reliable and versatile, individuals are increasingly using air mattress for a wide range of sleeping needs.  Offering a great deal of support as well as a series of benefits that are well worth your consideration, an air mattress has a great deal of practical value.  That is to say, as long as you can keep the air mattress inflated.  Getting an air pump for your air mattress is one of the best ways you can increase the usefulness and function of your air mattress going into the future.  Let’s take a moment to review the benefits of a air pump and the various ways you can use it to improve quality of life in different situations.

Types Of Air Pumps

Air pumps come in all shapes and sizes.  Generally, air pumps are split into hand powered and motor powered.  Hand powered air pumps can be anything from a bicycle tire pump with converter piece to a specially designed air mattress pump.  Electric and motor use either a connection to the power grid or batteries to remotely pump up the air mattress, providing a relaxing and enjoyable experience wherever you are.  Hand pump varieties will take a long time to inflate the bed, especially if the bed has any size to it.  Individuals typically prefer the motor version as it works faster and requires less effort.  Finally, if you decide not to go for a pump, then prepare to inflate the air mattress manually.  Depending on the size of the air mattress and the fixture, this may be impossible.

Why You Need An Air Pump For Your Air Mattress

The Risk Of Gradual Deflation

The biggest reason why you need an air pump for your air mattress is gradual deflation.  We are talking both about rips in the fabric as well as gradual air loss that can occur in certain situations.  If you develop a minor tare in the material, then you will have to inflate once or more over the course of a night.  While the solution to this problem is to repair the tare, you may be more concerned with finishing your sleep first.   Gradual deflation can also occur when more than one person sits on the air mattress, causing the gas inside to permeate through and escape the vinyl material.  We go into even further detail as to why you should consider getting an air mattress pump for deflation here.

The Practicality Of Air Mattresses For Medical Use

Air mattresses have been shown to be excellent tools for reducing things like ulcers.  There is even an extended list of the medical benefits.  Easy to store, coming with a soft fabric top layer, and designed specifically for medical purposes, the air mattress and pump make it possible for individuals to rest with decreased pain.  You can read more about how air mattresses can also help you battle back pain.

Making Camping Better

While many consider an air mattress to be a camping luxury, others see it as a necessity.  Providing incredible sleep and a soft surface to rest your head, an air mattress can go a long way to making your experience camping enjoyable.  You can learn even more about how an air mattress and pump are effective and easy to operate in camping and tent environment.

Where Does That Leave Us?

Simply put, if you have or want to get an air mattress, then you will need to get an air pump to help inflate it.  Improving the versatility of the product, the air pump is the best way to get the full life and value from the air mattress you purchase.


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