Why Inflatable Air mattresses Are Not for Everyday Use

Your Blowup Bed Will Eventually Blowout

High-quality inflatable air mattresses are incredibly comfy. They conform to every curve of the body, and they make a person feel as if they are sleeping on a cloud. However, they are not designed as a permanent replacement for a durable innerspring or foam air mattress. Those in search of an inexpensive alternative to a traditional bed might wonder why they can not use a blowup air mattress night after night, but the reason becomes clear after reading the directions and warranty card. It becomes even more apparent after experiencing a total or partial blowout.

Sealed Disclaimers

Read the warranty card before purchasing an inflatable air mattress of any type, even if it means asking a store associate to open the box. More than likely, the questionnaire will ask how often the bed will be used. If you purchase the brand that I did, care and maintenance instructions clearly state that it is not for daily use. If you check that particular box on the warranty card, the warranty will not be honored. However, the outside of the box does not advertise that it is designed solely for temporary or occasional use. You will only discover that bit of information after opening the sealed box. The packaging is deceptive by exclusion.

Blowouts Are More Likely than Punctures

The inflatable air mattress that I purchased is rated to hold up to 850 pounds, but most people do not realize that leaks are not the only problems that can and will eventually ruin the product. With proper care, it will not likely ever become punctured, but since it not made for everyday use, it will not last nearly as long as an innerspring or foam air mattress. The labeling makes it sound like a very durable item, and it is highly resilient, but it will not last long with everyday use because of inferior materials. It could be made to last for years, but in our throwaway society, companies stand to gain higher profits if they design their products to eventually break.

The Vinyl Will Continually Expand with Everyday Use

The main reason why inflatable air mattresses are not for everyday use has to do with the natural stretching of the vinyl. No matter how durable or thick it is, it will stretch when compressed. Use it night after night, and it will expand after just a few months of use. The more a person weighs, the faster it will happen. The instructions mention natural stretching and suggest adding more air to fill it back up to the desired level of firmness. The air mattress has not lost air, but it will not feel comfortable or stable if more air is not added.

Commonsense says that once it is filled again, the vinyl will stretch even more. It is just a matter of time. Eventually the vinyl will stretch beyond the limit, and the inflatable air mattress will deflate. Either a baffle or a seam will give way, and you will have wasted upwards of $75.00 that could have been put toward a real bed. Save the inflatable kind for guests or short visits away from home, and buy something that is just as comfortable and far more durable.