How You Can Get A Better Sleep On An Air Mattress

How You Can Get A Better Sleep On An Air Mattress

Did you know that sleeping on an air mattress can benefit you as well as your night sleep?  Below are 5 common reasons why people use air mattresses to improve their sleep, as well as a brief look at purchasing air mattresses and necessary accessories.

Some Need The Support Offered By An Air Mattress

Simply put, an air mattress can provide superior lumbar support, especially if your current mattress has either not been replaced in a while or is an older model. Read our article that goes into further detail regarding the benefits you can experience.

Great Option If You Have Issues With Sweat

Do you sweat when you sleep at night?  Do you want an option that reduces your sweat?  Consider an air mattress with a sheet between you and the mattress and another sheet to keep you comfortable.  As we previously talked about, you can see how an air mattress can be used to correct issues we have with sleeping every day that leads to sweat.

A Solution To Certain Medical Problems

While we helped show us why some people need air mattresses, it did not get into the specific medical purposes and problems solved when using air mattresses.  Simply put, an air mattress can provide numerous benefits, as is further discussed in this great article we wrote..  From providing proper support, keeping things like ulcers from forming, and being able to move with the person, the air mattress can provide the versatility required by hospitals to better service their population.

Great For Avoiding Back Pain

Do you have back pain?  You are not alone.  Millions of adults deal with back pain every day.  Here we went into full detail about how air mattresses can help you by providing the kind of support your back requires during the night.  Molding to you, your sleep is uninterrupted and your spine is held in the right configuration.

Quick Solution To Interruptions When Sleeping With A Spouse

When we mention using an air mattress and a spouse, people typically assume the worst, so hear us out!  Many times a spouse may be a light sleeper, and have serious sleep related problems form if their partner keeps entering and exiting the bed.  The air mattress gives them a temporary place to sleep where their partner does not interrupt them.

Buying An Air Mattress

If you are interested in purchasing an air mattress, then you are in luck!  There are a number of suppliers with air mattresses ranging in cost between $40 and $200.  Air mattresses can be ordered in stores around the country as well as online.  We have done the hard work for you and reviewed the very best air mattresses.  The best way you can protect your investment is to limit its exposure to things that can puncture the material.  Wrap it up and keep it in the box when you do not use it.  Store safely away, and attempt to cover the air mattress itself with sheets or blankets to reduce punctures.

Other Considerations

Along with purchasing an air mattress, you may want to consider getting a pump as well. The majority of air mattress models out there cannot be inflated with just your mouth.  Getting either a manual pump, like a bike tire pump with special converter piece or an electric model that either plugs in or works off of batteries will quickly speed up the process.  Pumps typically run around $15 to $20.  You may also want to consider getting fitted sheets for the air mattress, as this will aid in issues relating to sweating and keep the mattress safe against a range of puncture threats.


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