Fire / Flame Resistant Air mattresses

Does Your Bed Protect You While You Sleep?

Last week I happened to catch a segment on the Today Show about a new flame resistant air mattress. The Fire Department lit your regular everyday air mattress and a new flame resistant air mattress on fire at the same time. Viewers watched as each air mattress was allowed to burn for 6 minutes. Amazingly the regular air mattress was half gone while the flame resistant air mattress only had a little circle of a burn mark. I found this fascinating and the potential for lives to be saved great. So I decided to do a little digging and report to you on how this air mattress works and where you can buy one.

I want to begin by saying that each year 20,800 fires begin each year in air mattresses and bedding. I wanted you to realize that this is a real threat in any home and you should take the matter seriously. As a matter of fact, bed fires are the second leading cause of fire deaths among pre-schoolers. So if you have young children you should give the idea of buying a flame resistant bed some real thought!

The Fire Defender Sleep System comes as a two-piece flame retardant air mattress pad and box spring cover. This product is protects air mattress sets from igniting for up to 30 minutes. That is plenty of time for you and your family to get out of your house and get the fire department to put out the bed. Not only will your family be safe, but the rest of your house will be saved from going up in to flames.

The Fire Defender Sleep System is designed for comfort. It is soft and has a 100% cotton top fabric. It was also created to have a traditional look.

You can buy a Fire Defender Sleep System online. Twin sets usually sell for $149.99 while Full sets go for $169.99. Queen sets sell for $179.99 and Kings for $199.99. If you shop around you may be able to find them even a little bit cheaper, but from what I can see that is how much you will end up spending.

Starting July 1, 2007, the Consumer Product Safety Commission will require all air mattress sets manufactured or imported in the United States to meet a strict flame resistant safety standard. Their goal is to contain the fire for a longer period of time and keep the fire from becoming more intense. This new requirement is predicted to reduce air mattress fire deaths by 78%. That is too large of a number not to take notice. Also, imagine how much money will be saved from possible damages.