Deflated over Your Air Mattress?

Deflated over Your Air Mattress?

While air mattress technology has evolved, many people have an almost primeval fear of sleeping on them.  Before their heads hit the pillow they are expecting a sleepless night with crippling back pain in the morning.  A few years ago that was not a fear but a reality.


Whether it is a slow leak or a major blow out, air mattresses deflate when they are not expect to.  If you sit on an edge with keys dangling from your belt, there a good chance you are walking up on the cold floor.

The good news is the newest air mattresses are made of heavy vinyl and other near bullet proof material.  When buying a new air mattress get the heaviest gauge so you will not have to learn how to use a patch kit.


The center of weight for a person is between their knees and their chest.  In a regular mattress that is where extra support is built in.  By adding chambers, coils and memory foam, an air mattress attempts to offer the support a person needs.


Older air mattresses did not have strong rigid chambers and a person’s weight is distributed throughout the mattress.  The sleeper would sink into the middle and with arms and legs raised.  They will end up sleeping in a bowled position and that is not good for the lower back.

The more expensive the air mattress, the more chambers and support inside.  That works out to less back pain for your guests.


Air mattresses are made out of vinyl.  In a few cases, especially when brand new, the mattress will emit a rubber smell.  Swimming pool inflatable toys usually outgas this type of odor.

Newer air mattress have different layers between you and the raw vinyl.  The tops of the mattresses are “flocked.”  Small fiber patches are deposited on the vinyl, creating a softer feel to the surface.  This allows sheets and other bedding to stay on the bed, rather than slide off.


At one time it was a chore to inflate an air mattress.  The camping ones has a foot pump.  Your leg would fall asleep before you did, from pumping up your bed.  The indoor air mattress offered an electric pump which inflated the bed in a matter of five minutes or less.

The more expensive models have a built in pump, so all you have to do it plug it in and hit a switch.  This type also comes with a higher price.  That’s a different type of inflation to deal with.  Cheaper models are just as effective, with an external pump and hose system.

The trick is to keep the air mattress inflated.  Older ones are prone to mysterious leaks.  As night progresses, the air and firmness disappear.

The newest technology feature a secondary inflation pump which monitors the beds firmness throughout the night.  As the pressure changes, the pump silently adjusts the mattress to ensure a quiet, comfortable, peaceful sleep.


All of us toss and turn during the night.  When two people sleep on the same air mattress, there used to be disturbing pattern.  When one person would turn, the motion would be transferred and the other person would be tossed from the bed.

A regular mattress cuts down on the motion transfer.  Memory foam localizes a person’s movements.  Even the best air mattress cannot match that performance.   The rule of thumb is that the more air chambers built into the air mattress, the better.

Many air mattresses have two main chambers.  Sometimes this leads to a sag or valley area in the middle.  This type of issue causes the sleeper and the quality of their sleep to go downhill.

To combat this type of depression, look for an air mattress with reinforcing chambers in the middle and along the sides.  For less mobile people, getting up in the morning is sometimes a chore.  Older air mattresses did not offer enough support to rise easily.

Newer air mattresses are much taller in height.  They match a regular bed frame, box spring and mattress.  These mattresses have a separate inflatable box spring and then an inflatable topper.  These are much easier to get up from, and are superior in support and comfort.


One wonderful feature of all air mattresses is that when you don’t need it, you can put it away.  When you need a bed, just add air.

A lot of air goes into every mattress.  That means a lot of air has to come out in the morning.  Manually deflating is rigorous and clumsy.

Newer air mattresses have a reverse cycle on their inflator pumps.  To get the mattress back in the box, you would switch on the pump to deflate and in less than 4 minutes you’re done.


Provide your guests with a good night sleep.  Have a quality air mattress ready so both you and they can be free of deflating nightmares during their stay.