How to Choose the Perfect Air mattress for You

If you’ve decided a new air mattress is on your list, make an effort to choose a perfect air mattress for you. Remember also, that if you have a sleeping partner, it must also be comfortable for him or her.

Choosing a new air mattress takes some time and money. Be prepared to do some actual comparison shopping [that means go out and lie down on the air mattress to actually see how it feels], and you must be ready to do some research or get some education on air mattresses.

First of all, your air mattress is a matter of comfort to you. Do you want it soft, hard or in between? Manufacturer’s make the process more difficult because they sell basically the same product but use different names, fabrics and advertising. Also remember that you will be probably be using the air mattress for several years, making the middle price range a better buy if you can afford it.

Ask around. Ask your friends, ask your salesperson, and look on line for what’s available and could be best for you. Then narrow it down closer to your own price range. Find out the advantages/disadvantages of several models. Ask for product literature to use in comparing air mattresses at different stores.

Test it out. Before you purchase your favorite air mattress from the three or four choices you’ve narrowed it down to, test the air mattress for at least 15 minutes. (If you have a sleeping partner, do this together.) Think about how it feels when you’re in several different sleeping positions. Of course the most expensive air mattresses are so pretty and look so nice. However, how often is your air mattress visible – to anyone?

Take time to understand the warranty. Is anything required from you? Especially if you choose a larger air mattress, do you need any special supports, will it fit in your bedroom, will it go around any corners in your home? Realize that any warranty will likely cover actual defects, but not comfort issues. Be aware that some air mattresses require you to flip them every few months. Are you able to do that or do you have someone who could help you do that? Also think of any air mattress topping you love to use. That may enable you to purchase a cheaper air mattress and still enjoy the comfort wanted. Look at the thickness of the air mattress. For small children or the elderly, a air mattress that it too high off the floor [or too low] may actually be dangerous.

If you decide upon a air mattress, but are in anyway unsure of your choice, be certain to spend time asking about the store’s policy on returns. Some stores will allow you a certain time period to return the air mattress. Ask what additional fees, if any, would be charged for returning the air mattress. Also, ask if you are required to buy a replacement at that store.

Some air mattresses have adjustable comfort levels for each partner. That may be something very important to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep for both of you.