How to Buy a Quality Air mattress

How to Buy a Quality Air mattress

Buying a quality air mattress drastically changes the way you start and end your day. Sleeping in an uncomfortable, flimsy, too soft or too hard air mattress does have an effect on the quality of rest that you get during the night and the amount of morning energy you have for the day ahead. Thus it really pays to know which types of air mattress have superior quality over others.

Air mattresses are created by various manufacturing companies which accounts for the different types and structures of most air mattresses available on the market. Be aware that you need to know that to be able to buy a quality air mattress you need to know the following tips:

1.First important tip is to know the different types of air mattress so you can compare their functions against each other to guide you in deciding which one works best for you.

2.Foam air mattresses are good for those with sensitive skin because these are generally hypoallergenic as it is made from viscoelastic memory foam or latex foam materials.

Viscoelastic memory foam air mattresses start at a price of $800 and are very good for those suffering from rheumatism and other forms of joint pain because of its firmness and inherent warmth absorbing properties. Aside from that, this air mattress keeps of dust mites from destroying your skin.

Air mattresses made from latex foam starts with a $900 price tag and are made from environmentally-friendly products such as the renewable rubber material. However, for those with latex-related allergies this type of air mattress should be avoided.

3.Air mattresses may also have various types of coils and springs attached inside to give thickness and strength. For more firmness and top quality, choose those that have a lower gauge number as it indicates more support for the user. If you want softer air mattresses, then choose those with a higher gauge number. For example, a 10 inch gauge is firmer than a 14 inch gauge.

4.There are different type of coils that you must also be aware of such s the Marshall coils and Bonnell coils. Marshall coils are generally used for stronger air mattress support and it evenly divides the motion pressure towards the sides of the bed whereas Bonnell coils have an hourglass shape and is also attached for firmer air mattresses.

5.For ultimate comfortability and softness, choose air mattresses with attached pillow top. Air mattresses with pillow tops may be available at a pricey rate but you will be guaranteed a fitful restful sleep.

6.When shopping for your air mattress, you should sit or try it for more than 10 minutes to experience how it supports your body. It is important that you feel comfortable and well-rested without any bumps or uneven leverages that may cause sleepless nights.

If you buy a quality air mattress for your family or own use, you should check out that the warranty has a minimum of 10 years. Aside from that, it is a good idea to search and invest on the best air mattress for you to ensure you get the right amount of sleep and energize your body to meet the next day’s challenges.