The Best Places to Find Cheap Memory Foam Air mattresses Online

Ordering a Memory Foam Air mattress Online is Cheaper Than You Might Think

Hunting for the right memory foam air mattress at the right price can be a difficult task, especially when there are so many brands to choose from, all of which are offering pretty much the same memory foam air mattress but with different packaging or marketing. It took me two weeks to finally settle on the best place to find a cheap memory foam air mattress online and with my experience, as well as the experience of a friend who also bought her memory foam air mattress online, there are a few websites that are better than others, particularly in terms of their general price and, of course, their shipping rates. One thing to keep in mind about buying a memory foam air mattress, even if it looks cheaper than others online, is that they are incredibly heavy, thus very heavy to ship and expensive. While many people choose to look for a cheap memory foam air mattress in their hometown, there are some great deals on memory foam air mattresses online at a few select websites if you know where to look and what to look for.

The first place I looked to find cheap memory foam air mattresses online was at a site called eair I was drawn to the site from a general search engine and I spent a long time browsing the site looking for a cheap memory foam air mattress that wasn’t going to break the bank on shipping. This website has a decent selection of memory foam air mattresses, but all of their prices are with shipping included, which on the one hand makes it easy to see about how much the air mattress would be, but doesn’t give any idea about how cheap the memory foam air mattress was in the first place. So, although this wouldn’t be a problem necessarily, when I began to click around and found one that I liked quite a bit, the total that came up that they were going to charge was a couple hundred dollars more than the advertised price with shipping. In other words, when you’re looking at “bulk” air mattress sites such as this one, it might seem like you’ve found an incredibly cheap memory foam air mattress, but make sure you pay really close attention to what happens on the shopping cart or you might find yourself being charged just as much as you’d pay at a retail air mattress store. Although I’d like to give this website the benefit of the doubt and assume it was some kind of database glitch, I’m still not sure why the price changed but still, this was certainly one of the sites offering very cheap memory foam air mattresses online with prices that beat out of other sites.

Another good place to look for cheap memory foam air mattresses online is at In fact, this is where I bought my first and only memory foam air mattress and I have to say, the price was amazing and it arrived on time. As their website promises, these were all way under retail-I wondered for a moment if they were defective somehow but mine was intact and completely new (yes, I actually had the fear that maybe someone used it for a while, returned it, and they sent me one that had been cleaned up or something). Actually, I was amazed at the shipping because all of their memory foam air mattresses are vacuum packaged and the box didn’t appear to fit the size, but it did end up working out. Believe it or not, my shipping for this incredibly heavy thing was under $3 and although I thought it might be a gimmick and there couldn’t be such a cheap memory foam air mattress delivered at such a price, there it was, eventually on my doorstep. I have to say, if you’re looking to buy a cheap memory foam air mattress online, the best place in my experience is at I never bought anything from them before but I think I will be a return customer. I am completely satisfied and everything was at it was supposed to be with the billing, shipping, and of course, the cheap but durable memory foam air mattress.

A friend of mine also had a good experience when she bought a cheap memory foam air mattress online. She got hers from a small company called Healthy Foundations, which she found through a search engine when she first began looking at prices for memory foam air mattresses. Although they tended to be a little more expensive than, they did offer free shipping and although she said it arrived rather late, there could be a host of reasons for it, none of which have anything to do with the company. She said that one of the most important factors in her decision to buy from this company was their money-back guarantee policy, which actually covers the cost of shipping it back. She also liked the fact that they were a smaller company with a solid mission and of course, that they had somewhat cheap memory foam air mattresses that would arrive without huge shipping fees.

These are just a few places to get started on your search for cheap memory foam air mattresses. I ended up looking at about 30-40 websites during my hunt and I would encourage the same to anyone looking for a cheap memory foam air mattress with reasonable shipping fees. While my experience with Overstock was good, there are a number of other companies offering more personal service, such as Healthy Foundations, among others.