What to do when your air mattress is losing air?

Ever wonder why your air mattress is losing air overnight? You’re not alone! We have a lot of readers writing in wanting to know the answer to this question.

Remember that an air mattress that is not properly inflated will cause you back pain – especially if you’re sleeping on an air mattress every day!

Well, luckily for you, we have done extensive research and have found 4 proven ways to locate the leak in your air mattress!

Make sure the valves are sealed!

This one should seem obvious, but make sure that the air intake valve is sealed on your air mattress. This is by far the most common reason as to why people complain that their air mattress is losing air!

If you put your ear next to the valve, you’ll be able to hear an audible ‘hissing’ noise. This is from the air escaping from the valve.

Make sure that the cap is firmly placed on the valve. If it is, there may be a leak in the valve’s seal.

A leak in the valve’s seal can usually be fixed with some Gorilla Glue.

Make some bubbles!

Okay, this is a fun way of finding how your air mattress is losing air!

Grab an empty squirt bottle and fill it with some warm water.

Next, take some liquid dish soap and pour it into the water bottle. You don’t need a lot.

Now for the fun part!

First, you’re going to spray near the valve. The majority of air mattress leaks occur near the valve.

Next, you’re going to spray along the seams. The seams are the second most common place for air leaks in your mattress.

Oh, I forgot – what you’re looking for is bubbles!

Air + Soap = Bubbles!!!

Keep spraying until you find the source of the leak.

Feel the mattress

Super obvious – but run your hand along the mattress. Odds are you will be able to feel the air leaking out from the hole in it.

This one isn’t nearly as fun…

Get your mattress wet!

You can always submerge your mattress in water.

If you have a pool, this is super easy. If not, you’re going to need to fill up the bathtub.

Obviously, this method can be a bit of a pain in the butt… but it’s certainly an option.

Just make sure that your air mattress can be submerged. To do this, read the manufacturer’s label.

Now that you’ve found the leak…

You are going to want to patch it!

Several cheap and easy ways to patch the leak include, but are not limited to:

Gorilla Glue

Duct Tape

Plastic Fabric Patch (this can be found at nearly every craft store, hardware store, or big box store)

Well, thanks for reading!

Best of luck! Be sure to check out our air mattress reviews!